Greetings, I’m Olagunju Nasiru. I design websites and blogs for freelancers and small businesses.

I’ve been a webmaster for over five years. I’ve created custom projects for clients like GeoAfrikana, FEAN services UK, Thoughts and Reflexes, 247techcafe, Genius and Intelligence Academy among others.

I use a blend of software and tools for my projects such as WordPress, Google Blogger, MailChimp, Inkscape, GIMP to mention a few.

Order a Custom Website

Do you need a website for your start-up, an ecommerce store or you need a simple, near and nice blog? I can design just what you’re thinking and even what you wish you were thinking.

AdSense Verification

Do you need to get AdSense approval for your blog, app or YouTube channel? I’ve helped a number of businesses get AdSense approval.

To be factual, there’s nothing difficult in getting AdSense approval. All you need is some simple but necessary tweaks to your website.

Don’t take my word

Nasiru’s work ethic is awesomely amazing. He does his work excellently well without leaving out any detail no matter how little. He pays attention to the wants of his clients and his deliveries aren’t only superb but timely leaving you with no other choice than to either hire him again or recommend him for another job.

-Akinteye Mukhtar (CEO, Thoughts&Reflexes)

Nasiru is an outstanding web-solution giver -from conceptualization to delivery.

– Sonubi Olugbenga (SdgNigeria Hub)

Some sites I’ve designed


FEAN Services

Genius and Intelligence Academy


SdgNigeria Hub

So, that’s what I do. Why don’t you tell me what you do and let’s see if I can cook up something interesting for you.